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Five Eye-Opening Components of an Early Warning System

What if Blockbuster detected what Netflix and Internet streaming could do to their business model? What if Levi could see what their competitors were doing to steal their market share? A sign of the times seemed obvious to outsiders, but like many company leaders, they didn’t respond in...

By Katie Lewis

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Do Competitive Intelligence Leaders Belong in the C-Suite?

Along with the CEO, the CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) leads the creation and execution of strategic initiatives for the company. While they both rely on competitive intelligence to lead the company, shouldn’t there be an executive position just for CI? It makes sense in some ways...

By Katie Lewis

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Market Analysis Tools To Kick Butt like Apple’s App Store

Whether we want to admit it or not, Apple has changed the world since the App Store opened its virtual doors back in 2008. With an operational online store for the distribution of mobile software applications, the tech giant created a marketplace for developers to create and share...

By Fatima Zimichi

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