Culture & Values


Culture is not created; it is built. We firmly believe that a strong company culture can produce incredible results and inspire those around us. We strive for a culture where all of our employees are invested-in and cared-for, autonomous yet supported, and above all- entrepreneurial.

We were born as an international company. This brings an exciting cultural mix to our employees, and an ability to service our customers across the globe with a local touch.


To continue having a positive impact on our customers, everyone on our team must demonstrate specific traits. Just like elements working together to create a desired effect, our CLEAR values come together so we can accomplish more. This is what allows ClearCi to be truly unique, customer-focused, and dedicated to our mission.


Care and be caring.

The best people know that having an impact on our customers’ success
comes with knowing how to be giving and serving; always looking to add value.





Inspire others to unlock their potential.

Those who can look beyond themselves and embrace the strengths 
and weaknesses of others are better equipped to lead change, 
tackle problems, and turn ideas into reality.




Be a force multiplier. 

People who can turn problems into opportunities are best positioned to
prioritize initiatives, while making the greatest impact for
the company and our customers.





Never settle for “good enough.” 

Anyone who is focused in long-term gains, committed to achieve new heights, and determined to improve over time is bound to achieve unprecedented results- both personally and professionally.





Fall down seven times, and stand up eight.

People who plan to win overcome adversity and keep
moving towards their goals, despite the inevitable
obstacles and failures along the way.