Our Story

When Tomer Sofinzon and Joe Levy decided to start a new venture, they wanted to combine their experience in the military and corporate life to disrupt the way companies use information to strategize and understand their competitive landscape.

Ironically, they saw that competitive intelligence, as an organized function, was missing a competitive player that could help large organizations stay alert and responsive using new digital approaches. That’s when Sofinzon and Levy partnered with technologist Kfir Sasson, who then fused their experience in competitive intelligence to create a platform that could simplify what competitors were trying to do.

Levy and his team realized companies needed to compete very differently in a world becoming entirely Internet dependent. In his mind, companies needed an easy way to combine the power of their human resources, competitive intelligence, and the Internet to remain competitive across the enterprise. He was convinced that the most successful organizations need to use software to stay in touch with reality, and rely on intelligence to strategize and move quickly. Speed was a requirement, impacting the top and bottom line.

Their drive and backgrounds in sales, software development, military intelligence, and corporate strategy, gave them a head start. After about a year of research and development, they launched a competitive intelligence platform in 2011. Shortly afterwards, Levy teamed up with former Meltwater colleague Michael Clews and Emmanuel Trenche in South Florida to begin marketing and selling the product to mid-and-large sized global enterprises. By the end of 2012, the competitive and market intelligence platform was recognized as Best Business Intelligence/Analytics Solution and Best Industry Application at the UpStart Cloud Competition in Silicon Valley.


Making an Impact

ClearCi’s first years were spent trying to understand why strategies fail, products flop, and sales numbers fall short of goals and objectives.

We learned that it’s actually very common for business people to be misinformed about what’s driving change and impacting performance. We also found that most companies struggle to keep up with new information threatening their competitive edge or promising to secure growth. And with new technologies and new data sources blossoming, more companies will suffer if people can't somehow pull together to strategize and share what they know. 

After working closely with our customers, we realized healthy information flow can have a tremendous impact on how people compete in their roles. Knowing this has inspired us to completely change the way companies use information to make both strategic and day-to-day tactical decisions. 

Today, ClearCi is making speed a reality for organizations with even the most complex structures. ClearCi's competitive intelligence platform isn’t magical; it just works well with people in many roles, creating agility and healthy information flow for all functions. With ClearCi's help, customers can tap into various internal and external sources to detect threats and capture new opportunities at all levels of the enterprise.

To educate the general business community about why it's important to always stay informed, ClearCi develops webinars and educational material to share how companies can move quickly to capture new opportunities or respond to threats. The company publishes a semi-annual magazine by the name of Deep Dive and also has its own podcast through Competing.com, a blog partner. 

It’s common now to find ClearCi in the press for its Speed to Intelligence movement, digital approaches, and commitment to the community through its outreach project, Tech for Teens. To follow ClearCi's progress, connect with the company via our social media channels below. 


In 2011, ClearCi begins its journey.



In 2012, Joe Levy and Tak Takasu co-found South Florida's first SCIP Chapter.

ClearCi also wins its first set of technology awards in San Francisco.



ClearCi signs its 100th client in 2013 and partners with Dr. Ben Gilad and Mark Chussil to launch Competing.com. 



ClearCi is named a technology leader by the Miami Chamber of Commerce.



ClearCi launches and begins
to take form into a reality.