How to Maximize Awareness
& Minimize Uncertainty

Turns out 93 percent of 333 decisions makers surveyed around the globe say they lack the data needed to make confident decisions. Interestingly, insufficient data is just as dreadful as too much data according to new studies. Both have shown to create uncertainty, especially when key topics of concern are weak and unfamiliar.


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What are the takeaways?

  • Learn what drives a company’s Speed to Intelligence
  • Detect hurdles slowing down your ability to compete
  • Implement better measurement techniques
  • Moderate your company’s level of competitiveness


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"Competitive intelligence is important for not just one member of the company to understand, but also all members so every move made as a company can be made with innovative, strategic thinking. 

It’s understanding that the world is always changing – and you have to be on your feet to capture new information and turn it into something new."